Three Effective Methods to Cure Hair Loss for Women

Why does hair loss happen in women?

It is not very uncommon to find pattern hair loss in women. Due to various reasons, women can suffer from female pattern baldness. While genetic androgenic alopecia is the most common reason of hair loss in women, hormonal imbalance can also trigger rapid hair loss too. Physical stress can also result in female pattern baldness. Women who have undergone surgical treatments or have experienced any sort of physical trauma can experience hair loss too. Studies have also proven that post pregnancy hormonal changes can bring temporary hair loss in women too.


Often new moms experience an elevated stress level due to sleepless nights and nursing their young babies post delivery. This can lead to drastic hair loss as well. After all, giving birth is also pretty traumatic for the mother. Lack of protein in the diet can also trigger hair loss. When your body doesn’t receive enough protein in your diet, it is unable to nourish the keratin protein present in your hair. As a result, hair follicles become weak and tend to fall out. Women with genetic condition like androgenic alopecia often find hair loss in patches around their forehead hair line or near the top of their head. Those with a family history of patterned hair loss are more susceptible for baldness. This is due to the heredity and genetic effects.

While there are many reasons and causes of hair loss, every case of patterned baldness is not normal. If you have developed bald patches all over your head, you must seek medical attention from an experienced dermatologist.

Top Three Effective Cures for Female Pattern Baldness.

Prescription drug. Dermatologists use a number of prescription drugs to treat baldness in women. Aldactone, and Propecia are two popular antiandrogenic medications that help women with patterned baldness. These drugs, however, can adversely affect the hormonal cycles of a woman. Prolonged usage of such drugs can also cause birth defects and early menopause. Women of childbearing age are often not prescribed with such drugs. These medicines are very powerful and result in hair regrowth within a few months of usage. Fifty percent of women see hair regrowth after using this drug for treating patterned baldness.

Topical treatment. Rogaine is one of those highly popular tropical medicines used for treating female hair loss. This drug is FDA approved for the female baldness treatment. Rogaine is an over-the-counter drug and is available in two different percent formulas. Women should consult with their physician and dermatologist before using this. Just by massaging the tropical medication into the scalp regularly, you will notice hair regrowth at least within six months of usage. However, many users claim that results will last as long as use the medication.

Grafting and permanent hair transplant. In the grafting method, old hair is removed from the scalp and new hair strands are grafted. Those with androgenic alopecia will greatly benefit from this method. If you have only few areas with bald patch, you can also opt for hair grafting. 40 percent of women with patterned baldness are eligible for permanent hair transplantation. The cost of such procedure is expensive, which ranges from $3,000 to $15,000. Each individual needs different number of grafts and transplant sessions depending on the thickness of hair and baldness she has.