Is It True That the Clenbutrol Has No Anabolic Effects in Bodybuilders??

It has been seen most of the times that majority of the Clenbuterol users are struggling with a question, whether it is a drug or a steroid. This is because; it is being used with bodybuilding stacks with other anabolic steroids as well as bodybuilding steroids very frequently. But, the fact is that the Clenbuterol is a stimulant not a steroid. It has other drugs in its family, including the Ephedrine, Albuterol, Adderall, etc. This is a large category of drugs, where all the drugs have similar properties and are considered as the relatives of each other.


This follows a few methods for the stimulation of the central nervous system. The primary effects of the Clenbuterol are that it relates to increase in metabolic activities for burning fat, as opposed to bodybuilding muscle. This is generally used by the individuals for burning fat among the individuals from athletic or entertainment circles. They are stimulants that are used for treatment of different medical conditions. It has been discussed above that the Clenbuterol is used for several purposes. Its main purpose is to reduce fat. The Clenbutrol has no anabolic effects in bodybuilders, as it has a small effect on the animals, if taken for a prolonged period of time.

Also, this effect can be seen in animals on taking a higher dosage of Clenbuterol that will be extreme for the human beings. This dosage will be very dangerous. The Clenbuterol has the ability to increase the metabolism of fats. This is because; it is being given to the cattle in the past along with a wide variety of steroids. Below mentioned are a few effects of the Clenbuterol:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Increase in the level of energy and the rate of metabolism’
  • Inhibition of the fat storing effects of the hormone like insulin
  • Boosts stamina and physical performance
  • Enhances the rate at which the fat is burned in the body.
  • Promotes nutrition repartitioning for its anti-catabolic effects.

The users are suggested to keep it in mind that the reactions of the Clenbuterol are different for every individual. The fact, which is to be considered, is that it works well for stimulation of fat loss. This drug has a shelf life of about 35 to 48 hours. The users are not supposed to take dosage more than once in a day. The effects of the Clenbuterol are temporary in nature and they start diminishing immediately after discontinuation of its use or sometimes after second or third week. This can be dealt by making use of different methods. This is because; the cycle of Clenbuterol goes like 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. The users can decide other cycles for building muscles and bulking up.

Although, the Clenbuterol has no anabolic effects in bodybuilders, indeed it has a minor and mild effect. Some of the studies have shown that this has minor anabolic effects on human beings, if they have ever been seen. In other words, the individuals looking for the anabolic effects of the Clenbuterol have to get disappointed.