How to Cope Up with Addiction for Mephedrone

Mephedrone tends to build tolerance quickly as other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Users would find that after a few uses, the amount of drug consumed should be increased time and again in order to produce similar results from earlier usage. This would only fuel the increasing addiction, which would make it easier in becoming sternly dependent and harder to stop, as the body would crave for enhanced dosages.

Methods for ingesting mephedrone would vary largely. It could be sniffed similar to cocaine, smoked or popped in the form of pill. However, it is rarely injected, but users would resort to consumption known as ‘bombing’. To ingest mephedrone in the said manner, an amount of drug would be wrapped in a small piece of paper, swallowed for being absorbed through stomach into the blood stream. Every method of ingestion would produce similar effects. As a result, the speed and intensity for which side effects would begin would vary slightly.


When looking for treatment for addiction of mephedrone, it would be recommended that users should seek setting for medically monitored detoxification. It could be an inpatient setting where doctors could oversee the procedure along with securing safe health throughout. As not much has been known about mephedrone addiction until now, it has been unclear whether a sudden stopping of drug usage could cause severe health complications as heroin addiction does to the user. This has been the major reason why it would be better safe than sorry when selecting detoxification specifications. Detoxification has been a serious affair itself, which can result in death without medical supervision.

In addition to the detoxification plan, it would be imperative for recovering mephedrone addicts to seek rehabilitation program that would be inclusive of some form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The therapy could be for an individual, family, group or a popular 12-Step program. This would be imperative; as therapy could assist various individuals cope with disturbing side-effects such as depression, anxiety and cravings. It would be vital for recovering addicts to sort out various problems that might have been an outburst from mephedrone addiction. To understand the driving factor behind the drug addiction along with learning to cope up with various tools and techniques for cravings and avoiding future drug usage. It could make a huge difference in the overall success of achieving sobriety along with getting life back on a normal track.

When dealing with mephedrone, it is pertinent to know that the drug is now illegal. It could result in hefty fines, jail time and other serious consequences attracted merely from carrying the drug.