How Does Waste Mismanagement Affect Your Family’s Health?

For most of us, our daily routine comes as a blur. We are in a constant struggle with doing everything we need and battling with time. A balance between work, home, and social life is complicated. It is common for many to neglect some aspects of their lives due to different daily activities. At home, one of the neglected things is housework. It does not only involve cleaning but waste management as well. For some, they hire waste management services for proper garbage disposal. It is an excellent way to ensure that one properly dispose of garbage and there is no contamination. However, many do not put a lot of thought on waste, and they just let them sit home. Most do not even practice proper segregation of waste, and therefore, the dangers are worst.

Improper waste disposal does not only cause pollution, but it also poses a lot of health risks to anyone who gets exposed to them. And as you know, the longer you keep garbage, the more contaminated it becomes. So what exactly are the dangers to your health when you do not dispose of your waste at home properly?


A lot of homeowners take this easily thinking that trash can’t cause infections. But they do, and these usually happen when there are open wounds or cuts in the body no matter how small they are. Direct contact with waste if there is an open wound can cause skin and blood infections. The severity may range from minor to major ones depending on the bacteria or virus present in the garbage. However, for safety purposes, it is better to properly dispose of waste and prevent any contact with it when you have wounds or cuts. You may also contact eye and respiratory infections due to exposure to infected dust. As we know, the eyes, nose, mouth are open passages to any contaminants entering the body. You may also get infected through insects like mosquitoes and flies which had direct contact with garbage. These type of infection is very easy to pass on since insects can travel far and can land on anything.


There are also different types of conditions which you may get from solid waste found in your home. You may or may not be aware that these waste materials contain different toxic chemicals that get worse through time. These toxins such as mercury, cyanide and polychlorinated biphenyls are poisonous and can often lead to different types of both minor and chronic diseases. Minor diseases may include fever, diarrhea, stomach ache, flu, colds, cough, and vomiting. On the other hand, chronic conditions may involve lung diseases, heart illnesses, and cancer. In the long run, if left untreated, these may even cause death.


Improper management of garbage does not just cause diseases, but it may also create different types of accidents. If you do not make it a routine to dispose of waste and let them rot, the smell will form as well as fluids. Their number would also accumulate and cause hindrance at home. One might slip because of this and may cause bruises or even severe bone fracture.